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Front Office Manager – Permanent Job at Europcar (Night Shift)


Europcar Rwanda

Europcar Rwanda was established in 2011 as the first International rent a car company in Rwanda. This company represents the franchise of one of the best international rent a car – Europcar.

• Europcar is owned by Euroworld Rent A Car, which is ranked first as one of the leading company in Rwanda.

• Europcar is a 100% subsidiary of Satguru Travel and Tours Ltd., present in 75 countries and managing ticketing, tour packages, hotels and fleet of cars.

• Europcar is fully operational in Kigali since 2011 and catered to more than 5000 tourists and corporate companies for their vehicle and fleet management requirements across all the locations.

• Europcar provides end to end solutions through Renting and Leasing to the corporate looking to outsource the whole vehicle acquisition, management and resale process for a fixed monthly cost for using a particular vehicle without any risks relating to maintenance overspend and losses on resale risks.

Website: www.europcar.com


As Front Office his job is to assist customers with the planning and booking aspect of their vacation or stay. He may support customers in person, on the phone, online or a combination of these. He/she answer customers’ questions make travel suggestions.


Make Reservations

The main duty of a Front Office is to assist customers with planning and booking reservations. This can mean booking a hotel room, a car rental, airplane tickets, a cruise package or tickets to a show. They may also help plan travel itineraries by suggesting local tourist attractions and places of interest. They then process payments and send the details and confirmation to the guest. When issues arise with reservations, the Front Office is often contacted to sort out the issues.

Provide Customer Service

Front Office must be very knowledgeable on the services they are selling or promoting. Customers will often have questions throughout the booking process and the Front Office is expected to answer them. If the question is not something the Front Office knows or has immediate access to, it is their responsibility to obtain the answer and get back to the customer.

Sell Services and Product

Selling services and products are also a key duty of Front Office. They are often encouraged to upsell by offering their clients additional services or special packages.; car rental facilities sell additional insurance packages and car upgrades.

Collection & Delivery of Vehicles

Front office manager will have to ensure proper delivery and collection of vehicles which goes and come back from rental. Note, all the damages and inform the fleet manager accordingly. Update daily sales report & use company I.T system to be line of day to day work. As front office manager, all the bookings has to go well and clients are to be informed about the driver allocation, transfer banners, etc.


·         Candidate must speak fluent English & French.

·         Advance computer skills (Outlook, MS Office).

·        Must have Diploma in Tourism, communication, Management or similar.

·         Driving license is must.


Send your resume/cv along with passport size photo, ID and all school and university documents scan copies on email rohit.nayyar@europcar.rw


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